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Planning a new project. A radio station with a difference called " Classic Hits of Yesteryear CHOY ". The plan is that there will be NO NEWS of any kind. The only break in music will be 160 sec for 2 x 30 sec adverts as sad to say some one has to pay for it. Then here is the big difference, the DJ has to know the intro and outtro of the song/music as that is when he can only talk and he may not talk over any vocals. So it is as close to wall to wall music radio from the 50"s to now. With the main years before 2000. All music after 2000 will be restricted in how much air time it gets.

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The main site is this is Hony's WebStable the worlds number one equestrian friend. He is here to help every one of the 17+ disciplines that make up the World of Equestrian Sport.

Equestrian Sports has 17 disciplines and each has it's own website. You the members will be running it and the Chairperson will only monitor that the info sent is good and then he's other job will be to post all info.

The Nicholas Rey Foundation Trust The aim and objective for which the Trust has been constituted are to utilize the capital and income of the Trust for donations to be made from time to time to the beneficiaries of the Trust who shall be individuals who have been injured in a horse riding related accident resulting in neurological or physical trauma to such person and/or to institutions and/or organizations which provide for the rehabilitation and after care of persons who have been so injured. We thank you for your continued, valuable support.

Klein Paradys Equestrian Centre A holiday with a very big difference.

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